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If you're a little cold, freezing or you just want to represent Nissan, z32 and IMSA Le Mans Championship in style on a hot day...This is a must buy!

As you can probably tell, the PMZ GENERATIONZ T" kind of resembles the "PMZ Team Crew Jacket", well Im glad you noticed. PMZ Garage series clothing will always come with 4 signature marks! Those marks are : PMZ logo, US Flag, Japanese Flag, and the red stripe across the back! Each signature mark is explained below!

-PMZ (Pakmanz) logo on the right chest pocket ( companies need a logo right? well that one is mine)
-Silk screen American Flag on the left chest pocket. REPRESENT DUH... PMZ started in the US.. Quick fact: My father drove all the way to San Francisco to pick up my first z32 that you guys all know as PAKMANZ! I replaced him at work for the mean time...THANKS DAD!
-Silk Screen Japanese Flag on the right shoulder: We should give credit to were credit is due and Japan has really been a huge influence in the car community in US.
-#75 1994 : This represents the car number and year when Stillens Z32 IMSA GT vehicle won a 24 hours of LE MANS
-Red Stripe
-Japan temporary registration license plates: it is common to see tracked/modified vehicles in japan with these plates. This allows these vehicles to be driven temporarily to events, tracks, or to get serviced.